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Reality Raceway has been making 1/24 scale Asphalt type Modified slot cars since 2003. We depended on the Parma FCR type style chassis. But now have our own 4 " chassis manufactured.  We also have the FCR type replacement for the 4-1/2 " Parma Chassis, and stock a Vintage type chassis for old style type hardbody vintage modifieds.. 

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As owner and racer from Reality I have been racing and  building slot cars since  1968. Racing has always been my passion.. The Reality Modifieds have been on the market for more than 10yrs. winning at tracks all over the East Coast and across the US. This spec type of RTR asphalt modified can win right out of the box. However they are built for the more experience racer..

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Our Newest Product is The  RLMC-  Reality Late Model Chassis. Replacing the Parma FCR type chassis. Its a 4-1/2 " .040 brass chassis made for hardbody type racing. We also have the 4-1/2 Reality Vintage Modified chassis designed for  old coupes, coaches, pintos & vegas.. old style modified  hardbodies.  And the first &"original " 4" asphalt modified chassis

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Nov. 17th   SUNDAY 

WhiteRock Raceway

Rt 104 # 500 Ragged Mtn Rd Danbury NH

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