Reality Modified                      Tri-Track Rules   10 / 20 /18     2018-2019  
    UPDATED !!!!!!!!!!!

# 1. Body: Approved  asphalt type modified body. Bodies made by Reality Raceway , NY Modifieds , & Jer's bodies . No modifcations. 
All cars must have a Drivers Head and Air Cleaner/  Hood bubble.  It is intended that these cars look as realilistic as possible.  Also the intent is that the cars remain as  spec. cars  . All  bodies  must have  windshields and rear panels and must remain.   No air holes front or rear.  Rear panels on  all mods required.   Max. spoiler ht. is 5/16 " from interior deck panel. No Vanes. All Bodies will conform to the Reality body design Specs..(supplied)  Conventional
NEW  words to help discribe Rules ..Conventional = Meaning Conforms to the intent of the Rules. & Non-Conventional = does not comply with intent to conform .

    Straight wired controllers only.  No electronic devices between track and controller handle.   ONLY External brake reostat  allowed.   
   Controllers... Parma resister type  or  Koford .. 
w/ brake only   1-2-3-4 OHM ............. All subject to inspection   ....

# 2. Chassis:
 The New Reality Modified Chassis ..  PN: RM2016-2018 . or Parma FCR # 577 cut to pattern. No tapering with motor plate.                  NO PAINT or Tape on CHASSIS BOTTOM  that interfers with chassis gauge

   Front wheels may spin independently. Must have soild steel axles front and rear. Parma  PN: 640 or 639    Minimum axle dia. 1/8 ".

Axle oilite holes may be slotted. Oilites maybe soldered/ glued . Oilites may be filed, may be  modified  . Parma  # 626 offset or # 628 centered oilites ONLY...  NO Ball Bearings
  SPEC.  Guide flag   Parma # 645 ONLY  stock no modification                                                                                                                                                  

   All cars must have rear bumpers made from 1/8 - 3/16 " channel, square, or rectangular brass only. Rear bumper Minimum ht. 5/16 " any part there of

   All cars must have full side bars, full  double rear side-bars as spec car sold,  1/16 " dia. max/ brass rod only.  Front bumper must attach to the chassis at 4 points.
  May be reinforced with piano wire.   Max. width of bars is 3.250 ..Minimum is 3.100 .   All bars must be approved. See Tech Specs.

   No chassis modifications/ alterations.      May be reinforced w/piano wire .   Motor bracing allowed.

   No drilling or lighten of chassis. Weight may be added. All weigh must be stationary   ... Minimum weight - 145 grms 

   Chassis Clearence is .047min.   

# 3. Spacers: The ONLY SPACERS that will be used are the the following SONIC spacer in their respective locations.
Champion gauge does not apply                                                                     
Left Frt.- One- .060   # 18-.060- Both Chassis

Right Frt.- One- .160. Sonic spacer. Part # SON-. 18-160.    Parma- 
One- .160. Sonic spacer. Part # SON-. 18-160
Right Rear. One- .160. Sonic spacers. # SON- 18-.160.  Parma-  Two
- .160. Sonic spacer. Part # SON-. 18-160

Left Rear. One- .060.  Sonic spacer. # SON-18-060.  Parma - 
One- .160. Sonic spacer. Part # SON-. 18-160
# 4. Tires: ALL Tires.. Pro-Trac Daytona Stockers ONLY.   PN: 250 & PN: 327  ONLY  Nail Polished allowed.  MUST have PRO-TRACK Lettering
Chassis Clearence is .047min.    Checked at Track Chassis height station.  All 4 tires will  touch chassis gauge. 
   All Front Tires MUST TOUCH TRACK
       Front and  Rear Tires.. Pro-Track # 250 and/ or Pro-Track # 327 >>  STOCK WIDTH UN-CUT. << ( .800 )
   FULL tire contact patch required.

   Minimum tire size FRONT -.830 . Minimum tire size REAR .830-  Maximum Dia. is .880.  

    Minimum Dia. is .825  FRONT   Minimum rear dia. is .830 to start Main all tech B4 Main. (  Tri-Track Series ) 
# 5. Motors:  The motor allowed in these cars will be the  >> HAWK 7  PART # 30307 -  ONLY -  190 gauss MAX.. <<  No Modifications. Any signs of altering will be instance disquailifcation.     nothing between motor & braids..
# 6.  GEAR - ANY pinion .... 28-30 Crown gear. No lightening/ altering  
# 7. Controllers..
. Parma resister type  or  Koford .. w/ brake only   ... ( Tri-Track Series )



                    Reality Super Rules 

  1.-  Reality Super Mod body or Approved   .Must have wing. 

 2.- Chassis :  Parma Womp, Champion Chassis , any  3" wheelbase.
 3- Chassis may be stock full pan or cut with full bars. ANY PART OF WING
     cannot extend pass outside edge of any side tires.
     All Chassis must have front & rear bumpers MANDATORY
  Chassis Rule: Any 1/32 scale chassis w/ 3" wheelbase   IN-LINE ONLY & Centered to guide flag
          Axle holes may be slotted.  Bushings may be filed.
           Ball Bearings allowed
Weight may be added. No Minimum -Chassis may be drilled.
Chassis Clearence is .047       

   # 4 -  Front wheels may spin  independently. Must have soild steel axles
            front and rear any . Minimum axle dia. 1/8 ".
            Spacers: - Offset any spacers allowed- 3-1/8  wide ..

    # 5. Tires: ALL FOUR Tires.. Pro-Trac Daytona Stockers ONLY.   .850 Max.dia.   .750 min. dia    any wide max. .800 rear.    
     Front Tires MUST TOUCH Track   
Front Tires Minimum wide .500 wide

      # 6. Motors:   JK  HAWK 7 or Hawk Type RETRO motor ..NO EVIL 9 ..NO PHENOIX ...Any Gauss #'s     No Modifications.    Any pinion - any gear ratio allowed.