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Late Model Rules

8-18-17 Updated:

Late Model -Tour Rules:  
Any questions, or not sure send pics ask questions. Dont wait till RACE DAY

Chassis must be Parma FCR  4.5  # 578..ONLY
Chassis: Left side must remain stock. Right side may be cut/offset.To minimum width of
 2-13/16". Left side of body can not go beyond left side of chassis.
Chassis must remain flat, no bending. No Drilling or Lightening of chassis.
Minimum weight is  180 grms.
Clearence 1/16  ( Tech Tool ) Chassis ht gauge

Rear-  .910  wear minimum .880
Front- .880  wear minimum .870

   Spacers: H&R   LF- 1  .040       RF- 1  .120
                             LR- 1  .205       RR-1  .300   all same as Vintage Modifieds 

Oilites must be Square Parma # 626. May be modified. Oilites may be soldered in or Glued Axles must be soild steel only. Front wheels may spin independ.
 Max. wheel width is 3-1/4"

  BODIES:  No raking No Vanes. Spoilers may be added Hard Plastic or Resin ONLY
American Mid-Size cars. No wagons,pacers, gremlins, ETC.. Not sure send pics..
Bodies must have full windshields, grill, & bumpers as with kits. No brass bumpers. Body  ht.  1-5/8" from bottom of Chassis
.  Must fit properly on 4.5" chassis

JK Hawk 7  # 30307 ONLY. No Modification.
Any Pinion...31t Crown gear only
No offsetting of the motor mount must be in stock position

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